Nikon COOLPIX S9500 18.1 MP DigitalNikon COOLPIX S9500 18.1 MP Digital Camera is a new invention in camera technology. It is a high technology which helps you to immortalize your memories. This camera has 18.1 megapixel cameras. It is completed with low-light photo sensor. It satisfies you because this photo sensor creates superior photo quality.

Nikon COOLPIX S9500 can capture photos with 22x optical zoom. It helps you to take distant photos. This camera also built-in Wi-Fi so you can share the result of the shots anytime and anywhere you want. You can create, review and send the photos and Full HD videos on high resolution 3.0-inch 614,000-dot OLED display. You can create an wonderful photo journals with mapping, built-in GPS, POI (Point of Interest) and E-Compass.

The camera dimension is 4.4 x 1.3 x 2.4 inches.
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Samsung HW-F750As per Samsung’s continual promising to deliver new and innovative products, the company has now introduced the HW-F750, a wireless sound bar. The HW-F750 is also the world’s first vacuum tube amplifier that can be added to any home theatre system and also features a pre-amplifier which is balanced with a digital amplifier to deliver superb sound quality. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and completes any person’s home theater needs with a 2.1 channel sound system while its slim and stylish design is ideal to use with any TV.

One of the impressive pieces of technology used in this sound bar is the 3D surround sound system and gyroscopic sensors that work together and measure the height, slope and rotation of the sound bar and automatically adjust sound waves to the listener’s desired level. This revolutionary technology has removed all worries regarding where to put the sound bar as now one can freely adjust their sound bar horizontally and vertically without any restrictions. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M471i M-Series Razor LED Smart TVThe M471i is a product of the VIZIO M-series; an up-and-coming line of HD LED TVs to be released by the end of 2013. It comes with a 47-inch flat panel screen with state of the art design to grab the attention of every viewer. Its ultra thin bezel delivers the stunning look of a modern HDTV and enhances the appearance of any room and TV lounges without comprising superior picture quality. Its unique metal stand is easily adjustable, setting a new standard for luxury in LED HD TVs.

Built according to the latest standards of technology, its big 47-inch panel delivers extra sharper image quality with a maximum output resolution of 1080p to enhance your HDTV viewing experience. It’s ideal to watch Blu-ray movies and playing HD games. It offers a 120Hz refresh rate for faster graphics processing at higher frames without any effect on picture quality. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 23L2300U 23 LED TVToshiba is well known for its durable and long lasting products, and has now come up with a new line of LED TVs for mainstream buyers. The L2300 series has been warmly welcomed by consumers at the CES 2013 and comes in 23- to 50-inch sizes. The smallest model, the 23L2300, features a 23-inch LED display has a sleek design and catchy look. Its color scheme is almost identical to its high-end models and features glossy black bezels and a wider metal strip at the bottom of its panel with a solid metal stand that enhances the overall look and feel of the TV. 

This 23-inch flat panel TV is based on LED-LCD technology and delivers high quality picture with LED backlight. It offers HD resolution with a ClearScan refresh rate and DynaLight technology automatically adjusts the intensity of light output. This TV incorporates some high-end features including a Dynamic picture mode that lets users adjust brightness & contrast ratios, while its gaming mode uses special settings to reduce controller delay and is an ideal choice to use as a monitor screen. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO E221VA 22 CLASS RAZOR LED TV ReviewThe VIZIO E221VA 22-inch LED-LCD HDTV is an ideal choice for mainstream buyers and budget conscious individuals, while offering state of the art features at a low price. It features Razor LED with full HD 1080p output for brilliant color and a superb contrast ratio packaged in a sleek design. Its razor thin design is an ultimate combination of beauty and technology with a light ambient sensor that fully controls picture balance while its edge-lit technology delivers deeper blacks and more brightness than ordinary LEDs.

Its full HD 1920×1080 can deliver up to 16.7 million colors at a 60Hz refresh rate, making picture quality very sharp and offers a 170/160 degree wide viewing angle. Its digital photo viewing facility opens a new avenue of fun and entertainment in which users can enjoy slide shows of precious photos using a USB drive. It has a built-in 2x3W pair of SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume to deliver an immersive high definition sound experience meanwhile it removes any need to use extra speakers. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO has recently launched its flagship M-series, offering some of the higher end HDTVs on the market today. If you are planning to buy an extra large LED for your TV lounge then you definitely need to look at the VIZIO M701d. The M701d is a 3D HDTV based on LED-LCD technology with a huge 70-inch flat panel screen that is surrounded by ultra thin bezels, which are barely visible and give this HDTV an attractive look. It grabs everyone’s attention and it’s interior metal structure and firm metal stand give it a solid look.

The M701d is a full HDTV, which delivers 1080p resolution with a theatre 3D experience and its passive 3D renders amazing quality graphics. Unlike other TVs, it has a 240Hz refresh rate for faster processing of pixels at higher frames while its edge-lit backlight combined with 16 zone local dimming function, allows viewers to adjust TV brightness and contrast to accommodate varying room environments. Moreover, users can enjoy their favorite 3D games on the big screen with more clarity. Read the rest of this entry

Consumer Reviews Samsung BD-FSamsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-ray Player Review7500


The Samsung BD-F7500 is a premium 3D Blu-ray player with extraordinary capabilities and features that other competing Blu-ray players are not currently able to offer. This new high end Blu-ray player was introduced by Samsung to support its flagship series of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs. The BD-F7500 premium Blu-ray Player is built upon the latest hardware and software platforms and supports up-scaling of SD and HD videos to UHD resolution. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTVThe UN60F7000 is a soon to be released 3D LED from the Samsung F7000 series, which offers premium features to the discerning HDTV enthusiast. Samsung has specially designed the F7000 series to compete with the most stylish and attractive looking LEDs in the world and no doubt the full metal finish and aluminum body with just 0.6mm thin bezel makes it attractive enough to turn heads.

The UN60F7000 has a 60-inch 3D flat panel display with precision black technology allowing viewers to customize the black level. It has Samsung’s own A15 multi core chip with a refresh rate of 200 Hz and around 800 CMR, giving it the ultimate hardware setup in today’s HDTV market. It offers high-speed video up-scaling and 2D to 3D formation in no time and offers 1080p full resolution display without compromising on quality. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M501d M-Series Razor LED Smart TVVIZIO, once again dominates the HDTV market by revealing a high-end 3D LED-LCD TV. The M501d is a new addition to VIZIO’s M-series product line, featuring cutting edge technology, state of the art design and unmatched quality. The M501d intensifies the TV viewing experience and it’s an ideal gadget for TV enthusiast and high-end gamers. Its signature design adds to the value of any room featuring ultra thin bezel that is barely noticeable and gives it killer look.

The M501d is a 50-inch flat panel LED that offers a 3D display with Full an HD resolution of 1080p for an immersive viewing experience never before seen. It features LED backlit technology with full local dimming option and a high 240Hz refresh rate to deliver uninterrupted fun and entertainment. It has passive 3D and with the HDMI input port viewers can enjoy a high resolution 3D gaming experience on big 50 inch screen. Read the rest of this entry

The Apple TV (model MD199LLAThe newest version of the Apple TV features an upgraded resolution of 1080p from the previous versions which featured 720p for outstanding HD picture quality. Through the ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking you can watch movies, TV shows and videos on any HDTV for the ultimate viewing experience. The AirPlay feature allows the user to stream videos, movies or games from any iOS device and photos, videos, movies or TV shows can be streamed from any PC. With AirPlay mirroring you can easily display what is on your iPad or iPhone 4S. The iCloud feature gives you immediate access to all of you iTune purchases and streams them directly onto your TV. This device also allows you to stream from the huge Netflix catalog of movies and TV shows; watch live and archived MLB, NBA, and NHL games in HD; buy commercial-free HD TV shows and buy (or rent) HD movies. It comes complete with a multifunction remote control to link all of your Apple devices together. Read the rest of this entry

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